Make Australia Racist Again

Every time I walk past Sydney’s Central station I can still see the beautiful murals of Australia from our country’s glory days. The rail workers, the sheep shearers, the traffic conductors and the tram drivers are all represented there along a large stretch of wall on the eastern side of the station. As I walk past all those smiling faces, I wonder how long before some bureaucrat swine decides to politically correct this rather quaint mural. I wonder how long before they redraw it to incorporate our vast multitudes of non-European immigrants that we have stupidly allowed in since the seventies. Will I see a Chinese sheep shearer and a Muslim tram driver instead of an historically accurate depiction? And will true White Australians stand by and ignore this blatant rewriting of our history as they seem to do these days without one word of anger. Certainly the leftist establishment and their political tools will celebrate the “diversifying” of our mural, while conservatives will grumble in silence once again and be reluctant to admit that they have conserved nothing… once again.

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