Every time I walk past Sydney’s Central station I can still see the beautiful murals of Australia from our country’s glory days. The rail workers, the sheep shearers, the traffic conductors and the tram drivers are all represented there along a large stretch of wall on the eastern side of the station. As I walk past all those smiling faces, I wonder how long before some bureaucrat swine decides to politically correct this rather quaint mural. I wonder how long before they redraw it to incorporate the vast multitudes of non-European immigrants that have been forced on us since the seventies. Will I see a Chinese sheep shearer and a Muslim tram driver instead of an historically accurate depiction? And will true White Australians stand by and ignore this blatant rewriting of our history as they seem to do these days without one word of anger. Certainly the leftist establishment and their political tools will celebrate the “diversifying” of our mural, while conservatives will grumble in silence once again and be reluctant to admit that they have conserved nothing… once again.

This mural transports me back to a time when Australia was at it’s peak, specifically the 19th and early 20th centuries. Not coincidentally, that was also the golden age for the entire Western World. It was a time when our ancestors laid the foundations for all the great medical, technological, agricultural and industrial achievements that we enjoy today. It was a time when we as a nation and a people had a real sense of pride in ourselves and our place in the world. It was a time when Australia was White. The average brainwashed slave of today will automatically equate White Australia with Racist Australia. Well yes, we were “racist.” We were of our race and for our race, just as every race has always been and always will be.

Isn’t it interesting that the only people who are consistently branded as racist are people of European descent? No one mentions Chinese racism towards their Muslim Uighur minority in Western China. No one mentions the African racism towards the White minority in South Africa, or at least not in the mainstream media. The fact is, every tribe wants to advance their own tribe and this desire often comes at the expense of other tribes. That is survival of the fittest and not one creature on this Earth is exempt from that law. Well, it turns out that one tribe in particular turned out to be exceptionally good at surviving. This tribe became so good at overcoming odds, that they ended up sailing to the far distant corners of the world to start completely new societies. Of course, these new arrivals were not always welcomed positively by the tribes that were already there, and much blood was shed on both sides. This was no different, however, to the bloodshed that the native inhabitants had been inflicting on each other for millennia through the bitter rivalries between countless competing tribes.

The only difference with the colonists was that they had developed far superior technologies and weaponry to enable them to survive, and also had a far greater sense of racial unity. This collision of cultures was certainly tumultuous. The colonists struggled to adapt to often very harsh environments and equally harsh natives. But in the case of Australia, the native Aborigines were so primitive that the British never needed to assert their dominance by force. Aboriginal apologists in the late twentieth century attempted to claim that there was organised resistance to colonization such as the “rebellion” led by Pemulwuy. These rebellions however included a number of escaped Irish convicts and never gathered more than a hundred men. All other conflicts were usually provoked by Aborigines near White settlements who engaged in petty crime probably fueled by their rapidly-growing alcohol addiction. However, only thirty such incidents were reported between the years 1790 and 1920. In stark contrast to politically correct historical revisionists there were clear efforts made to preserve and protect Aborigines.

Not to mention the very first school for Aborigines set up by Governor Lachlan Macquarie long before any state schools were set up for Whites, as well as strict punishments for colonists caught abusing a native. These efforts, although noble, simply could not hold back the devastation caused by European diseases on the Aboriginal population. Tasmania is frequently used as an example of the genocidal tendencies of Whites, as none of the original Tasmanian Aborigines survived colonisation. A popular myth is that the settlers herded the natives towards a cliff or a beach of some sort, and at the point of a gun told them to start swimming. While this story has no basis in fact, there was an element of the Tasmanians being “trapped” since, unlike the tribes on the mainland, they could not retreat to the vast interior of the continent when disease began to afflict them – they were quite literally stuck on an island. Modern “historians” constantly invent all kinds of emotionally-charged stories about how Europeans wiped out indigenous peoples, in direct defiance of the unarguable evidence from official reports of the time that disease was the major cause of death of the natives. To give an example of the reverse scenario, take the colonies of South Africa and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). After many clashes with the earlier settlers the the native African tribes eventually reached an agreement with the Whites, even putting aside ongoing rivalries between themselves. After accepting White rule there was actually a huge African population boom in those nations as they suddenly had access to education, technology, medicine and most importantly adequate food supplies. This however would spell disaster for South Africa and Rhodesia as the glaring differences in numbers between White and Black populations eventually forced the Whites to hand over government to the racial majority.

But unlike the Africans, Aboriginal Australians could not compete with the growing influx of settlers and were slowly pushed off their native lands almost completely. It wasn’t until the 1970s after the bombardment of liberal propaganda when Aboriginal rights’ organisations began demanding “native title”. While of course basic morality and human rights do justify their claims, determining the nature and extent of these claims is troublesome at best. There was no concept of private property until Europeans arrived and furthermore there is a large segment of the Aboriginal population who are in fact mixed-race.

While I could go on about the plight of native Australians, luckily there are already entire libraries worth of books on the subject, not to mention the heavily one-sided history textbooks in every school across the country. I’m here to write about White Australians, the ones who explored and settled this continent and eventually develop it into highly sophisticated societies which would enable their descendants to enjoy the highest standards of living and the most personal freedoms known to anyone in history – the kind of society where an amateur writer can publish his works on an unthinkably complex machine, while connected to a vast global communications network, while sipping a very affordable beer.

The European race has done more to improve the quality of life for the average human than any other, and we’re told to feel ashamed for it. Indigenous peoples in places like Africa and India often fared far better under colonial rule than their own. Ancient civilizations such as Japan and China have grown to the heights of economic power because of their willingness to adopt Western technologies and open up to Western markets. And while the Aboriginal people of Australia today will mourn the loss of their culture and way of life, I wonder how they might change their tune if they were deprived of their modern comforts and government benefits. A White American might pose a similar question to their Black population, as a European might do towards their exponentially increasing number of Muslims. These two different groups of non-whites are deceivingly labelled “minorities” even though they are currently far outpacing the White population in the Western countries they reside. Real minorities, such as the indigenous peoples of the Middle East who were conquered by the Islamic Caliphate, receive absolutely no official recognition whatsoever and certainly are not eligible for any sort of government handouts even if such a thing existed. Meanwhile, members of the Arab majority that they live under repeatedly flock to the West and immediately begin demanding free housing and benefits. The great Third World migrant experiment has shown that Muslims and Africans are more than happy to remain idle while everyone else works to feed them. The saying “idle hands are the devil’s workshop” never rings more true regarding these culturally backward newcomers, who are continually over-represented in crime statistics. No matter how hard the big news outlets try to ignore it or cover it up, the immigrant crime wave facing the West today is threatening to destroy our entire way of life. Just last year the Oslo Police in Norway declared they have lost the city to Islam.

The fact that these aliens fare incredibly well on European lands compared to their own reveals our intrinsic altruistic nature. Of course the mainstream media is currently in the process of rewriting history to say that they have never been European lands. That is open to debate, but I highly doubt that this many migrants would want to travel to lands inhabited by cannibalistic savages. No, they’d much rather arrive on a modern airplane to an already developed society. The great miracle of the Western World is that it has been able to incorporate and assimilate such a wide range of peoples without imploding. The twentieth century is littered with success stories of immigrants who came with nothing and worked their hands to the bone to carve out their own slice of the great American Dream, Australian Dream, or whatever other “Dream” that Western nations have offered to people willing to adapt. Mind you, stories paint a very pretty picture but often have little to do with the facts. The post-war boom brought many hard-working and culturally similar immigrants from Europe, but now we have extended our generosity towards people who clearly do not deserve it – the kinds of people who make up the majority of this current wave of immigrants. We have completely dropped our standards as to the quality of people we let in. Two of my best friends are not of European descent but they love this country more than most white people, and positively loathe this new horde of dole-bludging imbeciles who have seemingly come here to do nothing but grow like an obnoxious weed. Talking about this blatantly obvious disaster is a very hard thing to do among Whites – we’re now like terrified little animals in our own self-imposed enclosures. This kind of submissive attitude is the inevitable result of a century of disastrous wars between Western nations, the degradation of our societies through cultural subversion and social engineering, the crippling of our once healthy economies through market manipulation and the outsourcing of our critical industries to Asia. The flood of immigrants who do not respect our ways is but the final nail in the coffin of our once great civilization.

The fact is that despite gradual advances in technology and medicine over the last half century, which is only a natural result of free market economies, we have taken a total nosedive in regards to culture and spirituality. We are millions of morally bankrupt blank wandering souls who believe in nothing positive. We have no clear purpose as either a nation or a people. We do not understand what our forefathers sacrificed to get to where we are and we sit back in hopeless ignorance or apathy as our individual freedoms and liberties are slowly stripped away. We argue like children amongst each other about which democratic party would serve our nation better, even though only a fool could think that these politicians actually care about us and even if they did they would be powerless to change anything. We are burdened with a never-ending sense of racial and national guilt for supposed atrocities that occurred far before our time. Communism and Islam keep rearing their ugly heads right on our front doorstep despite the fact that our people have been fighting these evil ideologies ever since they began. Interestingly, both these systems require empty minds and souls devoid of any real foundations to pour whatever lies they want into. This is why they seem to be succeeding and spreading even in the “advanced” Western world of the 21st century. White people have contracted such a bad case of “spiritual syphilis” that we will even worship our own destroyers, just as we worship the pure godless filth that the media excretes every day and infects our youth.

We are breeding possibly the most self-centered and stupid generation to ever grace this earth. That is if the previous generation isn’t so selfish already to remain childless to begin with, or isn’t so impoverished that they couldn’t have children even if they wanted to. Once the “cool” and “hip” kids have realised that a life of chasing pleasures in the form of drugs, casual sex and social media has left them with nothing to show for it, then they will join the miserable mass of humanity who bumble their way through life wondering what went wrong. In schools and in the media young girls get indoctrinated with a profound sense of arrogance in the form of feminism, which teaches them that nothing ever really good came of men and that men should be ashamed of “oppressing” women all these years. The girls will grow up to be “career women” and work their way up through the ranks as women can easily do because they are often far more agreeable and complacent than men, which are the kind of qualities employers want in their little worker bees. God forbid someone might tell these women that serving their families is far more rewarding and far less oppressive than serving their boss.

Of course, finding a decent stable husband to serve is not easy for the modern Western woman even if they want to. A generation of boys have grown up to believe they are not worthy men for the sole reason of being who they are – males. The result of this is no less than catastrophic, as thousands of good honest men decide to take the easy way out instead of struggling through life trying to search for a good honest woman who, let’s face it, seems to get harder and harder to find. White Western men now have some of the highest suicide rates in the world and Australia is no exception. Sons of single mothers grow up to be far less successful than they would if there was a strong male role model in the home. Women are not natural leaders, even though these days they would very much like us to believe it.

Women are, however, natural caregivers and nurturers which is the essential ingredient to raise healthy children. The problem is they don’t know how to do the other half of raising a child: the man’s half. So these boys are inevitably raised to be soft, spoiled and effeminate. Effeminate men are not respected by real men, and neither by women. Again, in their make-believe fairy land, women claim to love a latte-sipping, limp handshake-giving, tight jean-wearing, emotionally immature “soy boy” hipster. But real women have never and will never respect sexually dubious men, so these “men” are destined for the biological dustbin.

Describing the symptoms of this global cultural disease is a task that can take an eternity. And besides, many good journalists are already doing this job supremely well, you just won’t find them working in the mainstream media. After a while I got tired of reading about the endless bullshit which permeates our society. Some people have a sort of masochistic pleasure for commentating about the sinking ship that is Western Civilization, as if we’re going to somehow be able to talk our way out of this mess. Once you have sifted out the pretenders you come to the possibly only one in ten thousand who actually want to create waves and become a force for change and hopefully inspire others to want to do the same. However, the subject of “what the fuck are we gonna do” is probably just as if not more confusing than the subject of “what the fuck is going on.” There are no simple answers, but there is one prerequisite if anything is going to improve at all. The one thing that is completely and utterly necessary is for our people to become racially conscious again, or at least those who aren’t so beaten down and brainwashed that they still can (and believe me there are a lot of those). Dare I say it, let White people become racist again. They never told us in our school history books that the word “racist” originally had a positive meaning. It meant concern for one’s race (however that race is defined), and an impulse to preserve that race and to organise along racial lines. It’s only the media bombardment of the last half century that has infused that word with a terrible meaning. The label “racist” is only an effective attack if you perceive it as one.

Almost everyone is racist whether they like it or not – it’s biology. And before the heart and soul was ripped from our culture we indeed did have great racial awareness. That was the era where we conquered the world. If you tried to accuse a White person of being “racist” in the 1800s they would give you a confused look, as would most people outside the Western World today. But right now in classrooms across Australia, children are being told that, no matter what your culture or background, everyone “belongs.” They sure do belong – back where they fucking came from. No one tries to tell the Africans that the Chinese belong there. It’s only in the ‘multicultural’ West where you find this sort of hypocritical crap. On the one hand, we Whites are constantly slandered for being “racist” while on the other we are told that the whole construct of race does not exist; that we only differ in external features and customs but deep down we are really all the same. Someone please get me a sick bucket or a punching bag, or possibly both.

So I say to all you White Australian men and women – make Australia racist again. Bring back our racial and national identity. Bring back our moral standards and Christian values that developed over thousands of years. Bring back our pride in our vast multitude of achievements in language, technology, agriculture, medicine and in the arts. Make ourselves aware and proud once again of civilizing half the world. Ask yourself what exactly do people of other origins contribute to Western society. If all you can come up with is the wide variety of cuisines to order takeaway meals from, then I think you know the answer is ‘not much.’ On the flipside, the amount of negative contributions that foreigners add to our country is a resounding ‘fucking heaps.’

I look at that beautiful mural on the wall of Central station and compare it to the “diverse” and “tolerant” city that I’m currently standing in. I think to myself, if that’s a racist society then I want that one, instead of this decaying shit-hole that is only Australia in name. So let’s make Australia White again. Make Australia Racist Again.

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