The Invention of the Jewish People

To state my position when reviewing a book with a “Jewish” author: it is normally something I would almost never do having been saturated by Hollywood’s unavoidably insidious and inaccurate works of historical fiction over many years. As Napoleon rightly put it, “history is a lie agree upon.”

However, “The Invention of the Jewish People’ by Dr Shlomo Sand is its antithesis. Only one in a million members of the Jewish community have the courage to break ranks. Thoroughly researched, he delves into what it really means to be “Semitic.” The answer is far from expected.

The Jewish-owned and run newspaper, The New York Times, described it as “extravagantly denounced and praised.” The debate over the origins of the supposed “chosen people” often attracts strange bedfellows. Zionists, Communists, Secular Jews, Talmudic Rabbinical Jews, Christian Zionists, Christian Identitarians, ethnocentrists, the KKK, and White nationalist groups such as Stormfront have all weighed in on the whirlwind this book has created. No matter where you stand you can’t argue with the monumental amount of research which Sand manages to plough through.

Let’s get to the point. What’s the book about? In short, it is as the title suggests, “The Invention of the Jewish People.” Surely, a race as ancient as theirs must know who they are. Well apparently not, which creates more questions than it answers. By exposing this uncertainty, it begs the question of why “one nation solemnly promised to a second nation, the country of a third” as another Jewish whistleblower, Arthur Koestler, succinctly stated about the creation of Israel. Even more extraordinary, is that this third country, Palestine, was still part of a fourth, the Ottoman Empire, when the Balfour Declaration was signed in 1917, a letter which begins with “Dear Lord Rothschild” and guarantees the British Government’s help in establishing a “Jewish” homeland. Dr Sand doesn’t try to justify the unjustifiable occupation of Palestine, but instead who qualifies as being eligible to live in it.

So what is a Jew? Well that depends who you are. Are you a Jew by race or religion, or something else? Originally it was deemed impossible in a race of immigrants and gypsies to determine on a purely voluntary basis who was a Jew, so it was established on the basis of the mother’s bloodline. Two examples given by Dr Sand found this to be not always such a conclusive test. In 1962 Shmuel Oswald Rufesen, known as Daniel, petitioned the High Court of Justice to instruct the state to recognising him as a Jew by nationality. Daniel was born to a Jewish family in Poland 1922, and as a teenager joined a Zionist youth movement. He fought as a partisan against the Nazi movement. He hid in a monastery and converted to Christianity. After the war he studied for the priesthood, and in order to go to Israel he became a Carmelite monk. In 1958 he went to Israel as he still saw himself as a Zionist, he had given up his Polish citizenship, he applied to become an Israeli citizen on the basic of the “Law of Return”, arguing that although he was a Catholic he was still a Jew by birth. His application was rejected, but he was granted an Israel identity card, which stated “Nationality Not Clear.” The determining factor was that he was only a Jew by race and not by religion, therefore ineligible for citizenship. Clearly the denial of Christ the Nazarene is a very important prerequisite, and Jews who convert to Christianity are treated worse by their own than race than by any alleged work camp they “might” have experienced. The case of Rufesen shows that no individual determines who or what they are; only the “Jew-dicial” authority.

In a case in 1968, Major Binyamin Shalit petitioned the High Court of Justice to register his two sons as Jews. Unlike Daniel, the mother of the boys was not a Jew but Scottish. Shalit, a well-regarded official, argued that his sons were growing up as Jews and wished to be considered citizens in the state of the Jewish people. It was decided that the boys were Jewish by nationality, if not by religion. This exceptional decision changed everything. The legitimacy test of being a Jew was changed from one who was born to a Jewish mother OR one who has converted to Judaism and does not belong to another religion. I believe this still stands give or take a few exceptions.

But one question remains, and the Christian Identity movement was quick to pounce on it. If Jews take their racial identity from the maternal line, how can they possibly be the Israelites of the Bible when the Abrahamic line going back futher than Jesus Christ takes their genealogy and name from the paternal line? The answer is they are not and have never been the Hebrews of the Bible. The word Jew has no connection to Judah only that for a time the Edomites were allowed to live in its South. The Canaanites took their genealogy from the maternal line which are the Jews true ancestors, albeit mixed with Edomites through Esau. The 1925 Jewish Encyclopaedia, Volume 5 page 41, says that “Esau Edom is modern Jewry.” They migrated into Khazaria, modern day Georgia, and converted the Russian Khazars to Judaism. Arthur Koestler’s book “The Thirteenth Tribe” picks up the story from there, and how they morphed into the Ashkenazi German Jews which spoke a mixed dialect known as Yiddish and currently make up the vast majority of modern day Jews.

The deference to the maternal line comes from the teachings of the Talmud, which is the Jews’ true holy book and not the Torah as they often claim. Talmudic tradition frequently involves prostituting their women as did the Edomites and the Canaanites of old. This would explain very well why they are the most mongrelised of all races, as no one was ever quite sure of the father, the child being the spawn of temple prostitutes. The Jewish rabbinical cults stem from their longing to find an elusive father or ‘messiah’ figure. Jewish sociology falls right out of temple prostitution and its psycho-social effects, hence why Jews have been social outcasts in every civilized nation since their inception. The Jewish prostitute was the bread winner and Jewish men gained resources through subversive non-masculine means: rent-seeking, legal monopolies and usury. The grifting of Palestinian territory by covert and subversive means is but one of many examples of their cunning and the fake state of “Isra-hell” is still at the centre of the world’s problems.

Dr Shlomo Sand should be commended for his courage and tireless research, especially since many of his fellow Jews have put him to the sword, branding him a traitor for what is basically an honest account of a nation and people whose very foundations have been built on one lie after another.

It is the glory of God to conceal a thing but the honour of Kings is to search out a matter.

Proverbs 25:22

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