Some people don’t like hearing the truth about their hero, Robert “Bob” Hawke, because after all, how can you not like a PM who skulls a beer live at the cricket? Aside from his beer-drinking prowess, he cared for the environment and stood strongly against bigotry in the forms of sexism, racism and homophobia. But the average Joe might not know that he altered legislation with the 1986 Australia Act and allowed government to sell off our public assets such as electricity, telecommunications, water, gas and gold reserves to private companies. The sale of these essential utilities put a pretty sum in Bob’s pockets as well as the other government hyenas.

How did he swindle us? His government changed laws to severely reduce import and export trade tariffs. This was done under the guise that it would stimulate the economy. Cheaper imports meant we would save money on products, and less tax on exports meant we would earn more on products sent overseas. This legislation, slowly but surely, in hand with the Lima Agreement, ruined manufacturing in Australia. It actually had the opposite effect to what we were told. Typical of a politician, he spun a good yarn and pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes (pun intended). At the time, people thought he was great. He gave us Medicare, a healthcare system that our taxes paid for, which we now pay for twice with an added Medicare levy. Even if you’re wealthy enough to pay for private health cover and avoid the levy, it’s a scam anyway. After you pay your premiums, you still end up paying big bucks if you ever need to go to hospital. Remember the government pushing under 30s into private cover, stating they could lock in their rate before it would went up after a certain deadline? There is no end to their attempts to rob honest working Australians, even if nowadays we’ve almost got nothing left to rob. Almost… there’s always our retirement fund.

The Medicare scam drew attention away from the fact that +foreign corporations were now becoming major players in the Australian economic landscape. This period was the beginning of the end for: Arnotts, Golden Circle, Peters and Streets, Cottees, Rosella, Uncle Toby’s, Bushells, Aeroplane Jelly, Speedo, SPC, and more recently Holden and Ford. Many others have all migrated manufacturing and/or ownership to another country or disappeared into the corporate wilderness altogether. Think about all these jobs your parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, cousins, friends and neighbours used to have before they were on welfare. This is why Australia was the “lucky country.” We grew our own food. We produced our own food. We manufactured a wide variety of products. We owned our infrastructure which created many jobs and stimulated our economy. Being majority working class, welfare wasn’t an issue, and we could support immigrants. Then came the union revolution, pioneered once again by ol’ Bobby Hawke. He promised better wages for the working class, and we got greedy. Greedy fish will always take the bait. He assured us no Australian child would be living in poverty by 1990, yet here we are 30 years later and the figures show there are roughly 1.2 million children living below the poverty line. The union revolution was the final dagger in the back Australian manufacturing. We still have a few foreign-owned companies manufacturing locally to save face, but it’s nothing compared to what it used to be. We have the resources to grow our own food, we have the people and technology to produce it, so why aren’t we? Are we really that lazy? Are we really that apathetic? The results are in and actually yes, we are apparently so passive as to stand by and look on with indifference at the demise of this country. But never mind all that because as always, “she’ll be right mate!”

“All that is necessary for evil to prevail, is for good men to do nothing.”

Mark Twain

I can remember as a kid in the late 80s or early 90s when my nan, god bless her heart, after doing her ever growing tax returns she threw her hands up and said, in an outburst of frustration laced with satire and sarcasm, “every year there’s a new tax, one day they will find a way to tax us on the air we breathe!” But she was right; a visionary ahead of her time. In the 21st century we got a carbon tax. Like most of these major national decisions it was made without our consent because as usual, big government knows what’s best for us. Everybody’s electricity bill went up and people revolted. Tony Abbott repealed the tax under public pressure, but did anyone’s electricity bill actually go down? In time, we will all be taxed twice for the air we breathe because the Climate Change agenda pushed by our political stooges will ensure it. The government has even pushed its way into taxing our water. They are working on legislation where farmers can get taxed for catching water on their own properties, which will eventually mean city slickers will get taxed for rainwater tanks that the government subsidised you to install in the first place. Rainwater tanks are compulsory in new residential dwellings in accordance with the Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) to ease strain on water supplies during drought, yet they actually forced people to remove them years ago. But now they’ve figured out how to tax you for it, you have to have it. So your tax pays for the subsidised tank, then they tax you for the water you catch in the tank because it doesn’t make it to the catchments, and then through a GST, they tax you for the water that does, that you pay more for because half doesn’t make it there, and the other half is being racketeered through foreign corporate ownership. You get taxed on buying your land, and then you get taxed on what Mother Nature decides happens on your land. You’ll get taxed even through flood and drought. Do you get the picture now?

Coming back to the sale of our public sector as touched on at the beginning of this post, if you owned something that brought you guaranteed income every week, and weren’t under financial stress (because money is technically an imaginary currency/commodity) would you sell it for small ‘capital gains’? That’s what your government did when it sold your power grid, telecommunications networks, water and gas pipelines to private enterprise. Given, Bob didn’t sell all these but the succeeding government finished off the job. Optus was originally called AUSSAT and it was the first of your and my assets the government sold on our behalf without our consent, and it was Bobby Boy that signed off on it. It paved the way for the rest to follow in his footsteps like true blue Australian sellouts. Don’t you think it’s strange how tenders were awarded to foreign entities? It ensured profits went overseas. Another nail in the coffin for ‘Straya’ mate!

Those of you who know me personally will know that whilst I can be rude and crude (because political correctness isn’t real life) I am not bigoted or judgemental in any way. I don’t think I’m better than anyone else, except maybe Bob Hawke. I’m just your typical, old-fashioned Aussie ocker, that feels the truth needs to be told before it’s too late. The tired old “she’ll be right” attitude is exactly what they want and it needs to go because as I’ve clearly demonstrated, nothing’s going right if we keep this up. Just remember, the government works for us and not the other way around.

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