We live in a virtual reality, a paradox a “Communist Democracy”; a Club of Rome administered dystopia and ‘officially’ have done since the Fabian Socialist administered UNIDROIT 1973 and the “Lima declaration” of 1975.

We are paying blue, red and green sheepdogs to round us sheep ever closer toward a one world government. These well indoctrinated agents hypnotised by the “traffic light syndrome” (pretend to be green, but are too yellow to call themselves red) go to work on our senses and sensibilities, selling their lip service as something of worth.

They tell us bedtime stories, about population control and vaccines all in the same sentence. They lecture White Christian Sovereign Nations about sustainable development while flooding them with migrants who have no loyalty to that land. They pacify us by telling us that White depopulation is for the best while they replace us with the 140,000 migrants per year in Victoria alone.

The Invention of the Jewish People

To state my position when reviewing a book with a “Jewish” author: it is normally something I would almost never do having been saturated by Hollywood’s unavoidably insidious and inaccurate works of historical fiction over many years. As Napoleon rightly put it, “history is a lie agree upon.” However, “The Invention of the Jewish People’ […]